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Who We Are
We are a cybersecurity firm dedicated to helping those who need us the most: small-to-medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, and other groups who want to improve their defense against probable threats.

While you only hear about large scale attacks against large corporations in the news, smaller organizations are attacked every day. Criminals often prefer to target groups who are less likely to draw media attention to their exploits.

We specialize in bringing effective security measures within reach to anyone who is willing to get started.
What We Do
Our mission is to bring security to anyone who realizes the need, big or small, and is familiar with the process or just getting started.

We've designed a flexible framework through which our services are provided in order to accommodate organizations with varying time and budgetary constraints.

Our consulting typically consists of assessing your organization's existing security posture, identifying key areas to prioritize for greatest effect, and assisting in the implementation of necessary changes. Initial consultations are FREE.
Get In Touch

If you have a business or technical inquiry please fill out the form provided. Please note that technical inquiries are reviewed first-come-first-serve. 
If your technical inquiry is urgent, please call the number below and leave a Voice Message with your name, company name, phone number, and short description of your problem.

Phone: 412(-)423(-)8858